The culture of “busyness” and how it affects your health


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The culture of “Busyness” and how it affects your health.

Sarah Thomas


Whether it is running to work, grabbing groceries or scheduling time with friends, Americans seem to always be busy. Even trying to relax has become a scheduled, even hectic thing when one tries to fit in an hour or two for hobbies or exercise. This culture of busyness has become a means for one to feel well-rounded as an individual. As stated in a New York Times article, “Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day.”

Even so, it is a challenge to completely let go for a day and to not follow a strict schedule in which every time slot is filled. There are various sources quoting the effects of stress on health and overall wellness. However, this does not always take into account the busyness that includes leisure time planning or over scheduling. A simple solution is to take a few minutes to completely unplug and de-stress. Yes you may have lined-up lunches with friends or finally fit in an episode of your favorite show, which is a feat within itself. But, it is important to take small amounts of personal time for reflection and clearing one’s head before setting out for the day. You may not be able to remove items from your schedule, but you can focus on being calm and mindful during the day’s activities.

Here’s a small list to get you started:


  1. Take five minutes to meditate.


  1. Eat lunch away from your desk or work if possible. If your lunch is short, don’t spend it hunched over your smart phone. Eat and take a short walk. 30 minutes is plenty of time to eat and take a minute to mentally recharge for the day.


  1. Spend time with friends in less structured environments.


  1. Unplug. If your phone is constantly in your hand, or you eat a considerable amount of your lunch in front of a screen, it may be time to unplug and take a mini technology vacation. Here are a few tips:


  1. Take time to eat and eat well. Choosing salad over the burger is not a simple feat, but it is just as difficult to actually enjoy what you are eating. Taking time to focus on your meal not only makes you feel fuller but also quiets the storm of the mental to do list, even if it is just for thirty minutes.


Make the most of your free time by making it “free”.



Reflections of Real Beauty

Reflections of Real Beauty:

A Photograph Sparked Mothers To Show Us What Their Post-Baby Bodies Really Look Like

“When a woman believes she is authentically beautiful, she frees herself

from the over whelming prison of self-doubt and feeling unworthy…”

Just as Nia is designed to develop a positive relationship with the body, this powerful photography project also seeks to empower women by showing non-altered photographs. The author focuses on real-life post baby bodies and the beauty of the everyday woman.

Nia Balances “Doing” and “Being”

Bernadette Nia Pic

“Photograph provided by Nia Technique (

Two important opposite energies that Nia helps to address are the energies of “Doing” and “Being”. Many of our Nia moves that focus us, call for precision, detail, alignment and high energy help us to generate “doing” energy. As we move through our routine, the beauty of Nia comes forth in the integration of opposites. The “Being” energy brings us into free form, following our eyes with our hands, grounded stances and stillness. Through this blending and integration of movement, Nia allows us to practice and place balance and wholeness in the Body. Thinking, acting and “doing” balanced with stillness, intuition and “being”.


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